We’re thrilled to have the driving force of two extraordinary individuals: Dr. Crystal D. Gifford and Summer Joy Deaton behind LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum is a powerful combination. With over 20 years of experience as a college professor and more than two decades as a business strategist and serial entrepreneur, they brought their diverse expertise together to create an alternative education experience that marries practical skills, self-discovery, and entrepreneurship.

“I found that this course has offered me valuable insights and skills that I had not really expected and can readily apply to everyday life. I was pleasantly surprised by this course because it took concepts I thought I was already familiar with and provided a fresh and valuable perspective on it.”



“This class was amazing in the sense that it awakened me in a way that I did not expect. The subject was more than applicable in my everyday life. I honestly wished I was able to take this class sooner.”



“I enrolled my first coach from the UK! I am so thrilled about, humbled by, and grateful for the international reach my work is getting - in 6 different countries now… The coolest thing is that I LOVE selling now. Amazing what having the right tools/model can do for ya.”

Renaye Thornborrow


You lead the Growth Year 2 and Accelerator students with such wisdom and love. I can feel that you’re invested in their success. We are lucky to have you.

Ashley Ludlow


 “I really enjoyed taking this course! I always dreaded going back to school because I was intimidated. However, taking this course made me want to continue taking classes from here on out. I learned so much and this course really got me thinking.”


You are so good as you are. Your holding, listening, deepening, clarifying, provoking and coaching / guiding / teaching / facilitating skills are already in the top 2 percentile in the world. The evidence is in the result.

Andrea J Lee

“BTW, I fully blame you for the job I have right now. ;)

On our first call together, you had me open up to receiving greater wealth and asked me how much money would be "a lot" to me. I said I knew I was low-balling it, but $60k sounded like A LOT.

The next day, I got an email. My friend had recommended me for a job. I went in for the interview, got the job at $30/hr, which comes to: $62k for the year.

It came with a lesson, though. I've been pulling all-nighters and really struggling to keep up. In my family, financial success has always come at a heavy personal price- health, relationships... if you have money coming in, you must be torturing yourself. Well, I don't believe that, and I don't want that, and I don't want to teach that to my son.

That is why I am committed to learning from you. You model success without sacrifice. Not that it's all smooth sailing, but that money does not equate to struggle. Thank you for modeling that, and for creating a patient space where I can learn to thrive.”

Teresa Raschilla