LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum Overview

Once You See What Is Inside The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum, You’ll Agree This Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

We have flipped the script on how young adults transition into the independence required for success in the real world even if they didn’t choose college or college just didn’t work for them. 

Instead of going straight into college without a clear sense of what to study or which profession to pursue, which can lead to decades of misery or following a ho-hum career path (or doing a gap year, which can turn into gap life that never really gets started)…through our unique LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum and accountability structure we give students training-wheels for the transition into adulting.

We designed LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum with practical skills, purpose-driven learning, and chances to discover and explore passions before locking into a career, trade or college choice. It’s a vibrant learning experience that empowers young adults to carve their own paths, find their purpose, and master those real-world skills that spell success. 

Our goal? Making sure students are making informed value-driven decisions about their future so they can create a lucrative life that they love.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Henry David Thoreau

Together in LifeLaunch Core™ we will:

  • Get clear how to use your personal gifts and talents to make money
  • Discover your hidden value and how to use it in your life to get what you want
  • Discover your purpose in life and find your current mission so you know what to focus on next
  • Make the “Money Stuff” easy to navigate and feel in control of your life.  
  • Feel supported as you set out to create life your own way
  • Make learning a fun and  enjoy a life that gets better and better
  • Create a Life Map, including a plan to have the money, lifestyle, and life you desire
  • Remove the stress of choosing what to do with your life…. 

The habits and behaviors you will learn during your year with us will prepare you for a lifetime of becoming that evolves as rapidly as you.


What do I get?

The LifeLaunch Core™Curriculum consists of a full year of guided growth.  Each term has an instructional component to provide the wisdom you seek for your next steps in life and a practical application component to get you started right away toward implementing what you have identified as your life strategy. 

Full access to the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum including six terms over the course of a year, designed to dive deep into your LifeLaunch Core path. 

Expected time commitment for your LifeLaunch Core™ studies and hands-on learning are estimated to be about 12 hours per week.

Our students experience a transformative year of growth through our LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum, which  includes:

Six Terms of Applied Learning:

We offer practical skills and purpose-driven learning, giving students opportunities to explore their passions before committing to a career, trade, or college path. Our focus is on mastering real-world skills that lead to success in life.



Targeted Instruction:

Each term features lessons filled with practical wisdom for growth in the areas of self-discovery, financial literacy (How to make, manage and understand money), resilience, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, and technology so that students have what they need to successfully win, thrive and prosper in life.

Engaging Hands-On Practice:

Goodbye textbooks, hello real-world application! Our students earn while they learn, applying their skills in actual real world contexts, supported by our guidance and infrastructure through every step of their adventure towards professional success.



Personalized Assistance:

Weekly group calls, progress tracking through accountability and metrics, and access to faculty office hours ensure students receive the support they need to excel.

Inclusive Peer Network:

Students expand their network and engage with peers who share similar aspirations.  We both teach, and use for our own community standards, Dr. Title’s 5R’s Framework For How To Prevent, Resolve And Transform Conflict to foster and maintain a supportive and inclusive community for mutual growth and understanding.



Unparalleled Mentorship:

Dr. Crystal and Coach Summer Joy offer incomparable expertise to help students navigate their journey toward a purposeful and rich professional life. Moreover, our co-founder’s extensive network provides students unprecedented access to a community of mentors who have already succeeded in the areas our students are exploring.

Exclusive Bonuses:

Gain access to advanced financial training courses, practical money-saving tips, parent/guide resources, tips for practical success and more.

Invest in your future and become the driver of your life’s course. Enroll today to gain access to the transformative LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum to unleash your potential, create a life you love, and embrace a future full of possibilities.

Paid to Be Me™

Step one of the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum takes you through the process of discovering who you are and how your gifts and talents can be put to use to get paid. We uncover your (possibly hidden) talents and skills and guide you to where and how you can apply these transferrable, sellable skills in today’s marketplace. You are awesome. It’s time to get paid for it. Plus, by the time you’re done with the Paid to Be Me course, you’ll be a pro at making smart financial decisions and handling your money wisely.


Take charge of your life and learn how to create what you want. This hands-on experiential course takes you deep into your own psyche to remove limiting beliefs and create new neural-pathways to wire yourself for success.  No more waiting, wishing or hoping. In this course you learn the skills needed for being proactive in every area of your life. By the end of this course you will feel confident in your ability to create life on your terms. Even if adulting has felt scary or impossible before, LifeBoss™ puts you in control of your destiny now and forever.

LifeLaunch Planning and Strategy

In the LifeLaunch Planning and Strategy segment we will design a comprehensive blueprint that aligns with your aspirations and equips you for entrepreneurial and/or career triumph. You will learn to analyze opportunities, anticipate challenges, and develop strategies that not only guide your endeavors but also amplify your chances of success. Through immersive learning experiences, you’ll grasp the significance of sound planning and strategic execution as cornerstones of your prosperous future.

Cultivating Resourcefulness & Using Technology

Cultivating Resourcefulness & Special Topics is designed to enhance your versatility and adaptability in diverse scenarios. Here you learn  life skills that transcend the boundaries of traditional education. Learn to harness the power of AI, enhance your storytelling abilities, practice active listening, and gain valuable insights into tax planning and other essential topics. Through this comprehensive learning journey, you’ll become a master of resourcefulness, prepared to tackle any challenge with creativity and innovation.

Becoming Tenacious

Becoming Tenacious is where you cultivate the resilience and determination required to surmount challenges and persevere towards your goals. We dive deep into developing a resilient mindset, understanding failure as a stepping stone, and harnessing your inner tenacity to overcome obstacles. Through practical techniques and transformative insights, you’ll learn how to navigate setbacks with grace, courage, and the unwavering belief in your potential to succeed. Student’s will be introduced to Dr. Title’s 5R Framework for how to Prevent, Resolve and Transform Conflict so they have a life-long resource to navigate the challenges they will inevitably face.

Psychology and Spirituality for Life Mastery

The Exploring Psychology and Spirituality module is a comprehensive exploration of your beliefs, values, and spirituality as they impact your journey. Irrespective of your faith or psychological perspective, this course guides you in harnessing the power of self-awareness to integrate your identity, beliefs, and personal evolution. Gain the tools to navigate psychological well-being, embrace resourcefulness, and seek the appropriate support when needed. With these key insights, you’ll be equipped to navigate life’s complexities with a profound sense of empowerment.

Be Your Own Boss - Entrepreneurship 101

Mastering the essential skills taught in Entrepreneurship 101 will be a game-changer for anyone who doesn’t want to go work for someone else, but instead be their own boss. In this portion of the curriculum you will gain a profound understanding of your ideal client, ensuring that your efforts are precisely tailored to meet their needs. Uncover your marketing strengths so you can showcase your offerings effectively, driving growth and engagement. Learn the quickest path to generate revenue so you can hit the ground running; making the most of your resources. You will discover how to acquire and close clients in a way that resonates naturally with you to foster authentic connections. Learn how to shorten your learning curve, by finding the right mentors to study (hint: the best mentors have already succeeded in your field and you can draw valuable insights and emulate their strategies to expedite your own success). Finally, you will learn how to let it be messy and get started even before you have it all figured out – that way you can adapt, refine, and evolve along the way, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.

Design Your LifeLaunch Practicum™ Game Plan

Before you go into your LifeLaunch Practicum™ we will design your unique game plan and work out some of the kinks before you launch it into the world with your newfound money making skills.  You’ll practice communicating the value of your services, setting up your digital infrastructure, interacting with clients, handling objections, setting up your client journey pathway, testing different marketing messages and strategies and getting your first clients and testimonials so you can get more.

LifeLaunch Practicum™

One of the fundamental principles embedded into our LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum is that anything worth learning is worth putting into action. As such, you are supported to earn while you learn.  During your practicum you will take your skills to market gaining confidence, real-world feedback as well as assets, experiences, and testimonials for your blossoming portfolio.  Additionally, you will be growing your money know-how through earning, managing and growing your in-flow of cash.


Some of the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum Graduation Details include:

  • Meet Progression Milestones throughout all 6 terms 
  • Document earning of $6K during your LifeLaunch Practicum™
  • Completion of LifeLaunch Practicum™
  • LifeLaunch Portfolio™ completion 
  • Certificate of Graduation is awarded upon completion

Face-to-Face Live Meeting Occurs Midway Through The Year.  Dates To Be Announced.

Other Benefits of LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum

Mentorship: Guided Pathway to Excellence

Experience the transformative power of mentorship within our community. Our mentorship program offers personalized guidance from seasoned professionals, including Dr. Crystal D. Gifford and SummerJoy Deaton as well guest experts from their vast networks.  This invaluable component of LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum grants you access to expert insights, real-world wisdom, and a supportive environment that accelerates your growth journey. Harness the collective knowledge of mentors who are deeply committed to your success, providing you with tailor-made strategies and advice to amplify your impact and potential.

Work Study: Learning Through Application

Engage in our unique work study program that bridges theory with real-world application. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences that align with your coursework, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge into practice. This dynamic approach fosters a deeper understanding of concepts, equipping you with practical skills that are directly transferable to your career and life. Work study provides a seamless integration of classroom learning and practical implementation, ensuring you’re well-prepared to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Real Life Meetup: Networking and Collaborative Growth

Seize the opportunity to connect in person with your cohort of peers and mentors through our Real Life Meetup. This special event offers a vibrant setting for in-person learning, networking, collaboration, and inspiration. Forge meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who share your aspirations, and gain insights from professionals who have achieved exceptional success. The Real Life Meetup encourages the cultivation of a supportive community, fostering growth through shared experiences and collective wisdom.

Community: Thrive Together in a Supportive Network

Immerse yourself in our vibrant community, where collaboration and support thrive. Connect with peers who are also on the journey to unlocking their potential and creating impactful lives. Our private student lounge forum provides you with 24/7 access to engage with a diverse range of peers and mentors, fostering connections, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance. Utilize this safe and empowering space where you can openly discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and find inspiration.  We both teach, and use for our own community standards, Dr. Title’s 5R’s Framework For How To Prevent, Resolve And Transform Conflict to foster and maintain a supportive and inclusive community for mutual growth and understanding.

Cohort Learning: Unleash Collective Wisdom and Collaboration

Experience the power of cohort learning, a dynamic educational model that amplifies your growth through collaboration. Join a group of peers who embark on the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum learning journey alongside you, creating a supportive network for shared learning and encouragement. Engage in weekly group calls and triad groups that propel your progress forward. The cohort learning environment encourages the exchange of insights, diverse perspectives, and mutual empowerment. Together, you’ll harness collective wisdom, celebrate milestones, and navigate challenges as a united force of positive change.

Support: Your Journey, Our Commitment

Embark on the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum  journey with unwavering support from the LifeLaunch Core team. Our comprehensive support system ensures you’re equipped to navigate challenges, celebrate achievements, and stay on track throughout your transformative experience. Gain access to a wealth of resources through our extensive library and network.  Engage in regular interactions with our LifeLaunch Core support team, ensuring that your growth remains a top priority every step of the way.


Big Decision Blueprint™ College Edition

Once you know who you are and what you value, making big decisions becomes empowering rather than daunting and you begin to feel like a master at your own life.  The Big Decision Blueprint guides you through what you need to become a powerful decision maker in your own life, including the decisions about college.

The College Choice Accelerator™ (bootcamp style)

If you would like some help to determine for yourself if college is the right fit for now, join us for our bootcamp style training “the College Choice Accelerator” to determine within a 90 minute session what the best next steps are for you in your career. 

Showcase your successes on our upcoming “Featured Student” Page

Exceptional students who demonstrate remarkable talent may be nominated for our “Featured Student” page to be showcased for up to 30 days for our mentors, corporate connections, and fellow students to see.   

Transform Your Money Experience™

This transformative financial literacy class is so much more than understanding the numbers. We dive into the psychology of money, how we use it in our lives, and how to effectively tend to our core values with our financial decisions. This course is Dr. Gifford’s signature system for helping her private clients who have new found wealth to create more life with their money.  

Resources for Parents

  • What to do when your son or daughter wants to quit college

  • Invitation to “Parent’s of new adults support call” 

  • Understanding Money