Attention 18-25 Year-Olds (and the people who also want your success “aka” your parents)

LifeLaunch Core: College Reimagined

Making It Easy For Gen Z To Successfully Get Started At Life

College isn’t the only path to be happy and successful in life . Especially for Gen Z.

You are here because you, (or your son or daughter), wants some support getting started at life and the traditional gold-standard for that (aka college) isn’t feeling like a good fit or it didn’t work out.

Are you concerned about:

  • Wasting money on college when the vision isn’t clear and being saddled with debt and no-degree?
  • The tremendous additional stress and anxiety associated with this transitional time and not having a clear path forward into adulthood for yourself or your son or daughter?
  • Wasting time floundering and ending up with a life that never really takes off?

And what do you do instead if you aren’t feeling like college is the best option, or you tried and it didn’t work out?

Seeing first hand the fallout caused by the recent Covid College Crash has inspired us to innovate in order to support the transition to independence for young adults, (even if they are not going the traditional college route).  

Our co-founders, with over 20 years of experience as a college professor and more than two decades as a business strategist and serial entrepreneur, joined forces and birthed LifeLaunch Core to solve the challenge of Gen Z successfully  launching their lives.

Our revolutionary LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum was created as a lifeline for students seeking direction and purpose beyond conventional education. Our students don’t just prepare for life, they start designing and living a life full of purpose and meaning.

The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum spans one year, and is designed to ensure that students successfully complete it with their tuition paid off, a clear trajectory in mind for their next steps, and a portfolio packed with experiences that swing open doors to their desired future.


We support students to make informed, value-driven decisions about their future so they can launch into life and create a purposeful and rich life that spells success. 


Our students experience a transformative year of growth through our LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum, which  includes:

Six Terms of Applied Learning:

We offer practical skills and purpose-driven learning, giving students opportunities to explore their passions before committing to a career, trade, or college path. Our focus is on mastering real-world skills that lead to success in life.

Targeted Instruction:

Each term features lessons filled with practical wisdom for growth in the areas of self-discovery, financial literacy (How to make, manage and understand money), resilience, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, and technology so that students have what they need to successfully win, thrive and prosper in life.

Engaging Hands-On Practice:

Goodbye textbooks, hello real-world application! Our students earn while they learn, applying their skills in actual real world contexts, supported by our guidance and infrastructure through every step of their adventure towards professional success.

Personalized Assistance:

Weekly group calls, progress tracking through accountability and metrics, and access to faculty office hours ensure students receive the support they need to excel.

Inclusive Peer Network:

Students expand their network and engage with peers who share similar aspirations.  We both teach, and use for our own community standards, Dr. Title’s 5R’s Framework For How To Prevent, Resolve And Transform Conflict to foster and maintain a supportive and inclusive community for mutual growth and understanding.

Unparalleled Mentorship:

Dr. Crystal and Coach Summer Joy offer incomparable expertise to help students navigate their journey toward a purposeful and rich professional life. Moreover, our co-founder’s extensive network provides students unprecedented access to a community of mentors who have already succeeded in the areas our students are exploring.

Exclusive Bonuses:

Gain access to advanced financial training courses, practical money-saving tips, parent/guide resources, tips for practical success and more.

Ready to learn more? We encourage both students & parents to join one of our live, virtual Open Houses with our co-founders Dr. Crystal Gifford and Coach Summer Joy Deaton where you’ll get your questions answered.



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