Meet the Next Generation Of Higher Education

Whether you’re a student seeking a leg up on getting started at life or a parent wanting infrastructure for your son or daughter’s successful journey into adulthood, let us show you how LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum helps turn those desires into reality. 

We provide a lifeline for students seeking direction and purpose beyond conventional education. Our students don’t just prepare for life but start living it through our immersive, hands-on, LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum.

The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum spans one year, and is designed to ensure that students successfully complete it with their tuition paid off, a clear trajectory in mind for their next steps, and a portfolio packed with experiences that swing open doors to their desired future.

We provide a supportive and immersive educational experience that flips the script on how young adults transition into the independence required for success in the real world even if they didn’t choose college or college just didn’t work for them.  In the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum students explore various career and business paths, gain practical skills, and uncover their passions before committing to a specific direction.

Through hands-on experiences, mentorship, and real-world projects, we empower students to confidently make their way in the world. Students discover their unique brilliance, and then explore ways to use that to earn money doing work they love. In addition, they learn essential life skills that are often overlooked in traditional education.

We help students develop a strong foundation, discover their true potential so they can confidently embrace the challenges and opportunities that the world offers.


Our Story

Imagine a world where education isn’t confined to traditional classrooms, where young adults are empowered to discover their passions and talents, and where practical skills are valued over theoretical knowledge. This vision has become a reality through the revolutionary educational experience delivered through our unique LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum, which dares to challenge the norms and empower young minds to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The driving force behind LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum is a powerful combination of two extraordinary individuals: Dr. Crystal D. Gifford and Summer Joy Deaton. Dr. Crystal, a beacon of light and practical wisdom, possesses over two decades of teaching experience in the college classroom and has a deep understanding of the psychological and practical dimensions of life and money. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals discover their hidden talents, unravel their true purpose, and create a life

of lucrative fulfillment.  Dr. Crystal believes that the purpose of life for all of us is to find our full expression of self.  Her life-long dedication to education and economics is a direct response to this belief.  

Meanwhile, Summer Joy, a visionary third-generation entrepreneur, draws inspiration from her upbringing and her mother, Dr. Beverly Title, a trailblazer in alternative education and restorative justice. Summer’s early exposure to alternative education, frontrunning the now common-place restorative justice practices and entrepreneurship fuels her passion to innovate in the educational landscape. She’s spent years coaching entrepreneurs and helping them to harness their unique brilliance in order to succeed in life and business on their own terms.

Crystal and Summer first met in a high-ticket business mastermind program in 2011 where they became fast friends and have spent the last decade cheering each other on through life’s ups and downs. In 2023 their shared passion for innovation in the educational space combined with experiencing the fallout of the Covid College Crash both personally and professionally, they teamed up and combined their synergistic expertise to create the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum in order to support young adults with the often daunting transition into independence. 

With over 20 years of experience as a college professor and more than two decades as a business strategist and serial entrepreneur,  they brought their diverse expertise together to create an alternative education experience that marries practical skills, self-discovery, and entrepreneurship. 

Crystal and Summer’s story is one of transformation, perseverance, and an unshakeable belief in the potential of young adults.

Dr. Crystal, having weathered her own journey of self-discovery in the conventional university space as an avant-garde professor, understands the power of unlocking one’s gifts and aligning them with the world’s needs. Her expertise in finances and economics is infused with a unique touch, offering a powerful blend of practicality and expansive vision.

Summer’s journey is woven with education, entrepreneurship, and a passion for service. She carried forward her mother’s legacy in the field of restorative justice programs and brought her gift for facilitation and strategy to help support thousands of entrepreneurs. No matter the setting she is always empowering individuals to reach their full potential and has an unwavering commitment to bring this to the next generation of up and coming adults.

Together, Crystal and Summer envisioned a world where education isn’t confined to four walls, where young adults don’t just prepare for life but start living it. Through a blend of practical skills, self-discovery, and entrepreneurship.  The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum is a lifeline for young adults seeking direction and purpose beyond conventional education.

The world is changing, and education needs to change with it. The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum is not just about teaching skills; it’s about fostering a community, instilling confidence, and empowering young adults to create a lucrative life they love. 

Crystal’s unconventional wisdom and Summer’s entrepreneurial drive and creativity are infused into The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum which offers a transformative educational experience that equips young adults to thrive in a dynamic world.

What Crystal and Summer have created is more than just a new approach to higher education; it’s a movement. It’s a call to reimagine education, to empower young adults to step into their unique brilliance, and to create a life that aligns with their passions and talents. We invite students to be part of this transformative journey – to gain the education they deserve, the tools they need, and the confidence to embrace their own path.

Our Core Values

Curiosity fuels our learning journey, Connection enriches our shared experience, and Character empowers us to shape our authentic paths. With Courage, we embrace vulnerability to achieve greatness, while Contribution enables us to make a positive impact. Celebration marks our victories and growth.


Curiosity is the driving force of our values. Through exploration and inquiry, we uncover truths that require us to seek a new way of seeing the world. Learning is at its best when driven by an innate curiosity to uncover the truth of a thing. Curiosity is the key ingredient for learning.


Connection is the lifeblood of our humanness and what holds us together in both the good times and lifts us up through our challenges. We are social beings by nature, and through integrated activities and shared experiences, our students create many valuable connections with those who are also breaking the mold and trailblazing a non-traditional path.


Character is made up of who we are and how we show up in the world. Discovering and identifying the character called “You” and making intentional choices about how to direct the evolution of your own life experience in alignment with your values creates your own best reality.  Sometimes along the road we face challenges, and when we have strong character we can face these times head on with tenacity and strong self-belief.


Contribution doesn’t start once we’ve “made it.” Practicing the art of giving begins now, with what we DO have to offer at any given moment.  We seek to help students to unleash their inherent gifts to help the world be a better place to be because they were here.



Courage allows us to achieve, but it does not mean never being afraid. Brenee Brown says that all courage must first begin with vulnerability. We must first experience fear in order for the opportunity to be brave to arise. We help our students build their courage and ultimately soar as they bravely leap into the lives of their dreams.


Celebration is woven throughout every aspect of The LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum. We celebrate who we ARE, who we CHOOSE to be, and who we BECOME.  As a collective we never miss an opportunity to celebrate the small and the big wins along the way to creating success.  We are here to help our students and their support circle learn to celebrate each moment of life.


Our Students

There isn’t one right way of transitioning into independence, and successfully making your way in the world.  

Of course you want to make good money and have a fulfilling life, but you may not be quite sure how to do that if you aren’t really feeling a traditional college path.  

We’re here to help you navigate this transition period with a blend of structure and exploration so you can find a path forward that you are excited about and that will get you the outcomes for your life that you desire so you don’t wake up one day wondering where your life went.

This is for you if:

  • You are dedicated to living your best life but not sure how to make that happen
  • You know you have something big to offer the world and want to get clear what that is
  • You want some help to  figure out what to do with your life
  • You want to be successful and feel unsure what is the right path for you to do that
  • You feel a strong urge to follow your own dreams and the status quo just doesn’t cut it for you
  • You mean business about making a difference in the world and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that vision… if you only knew what that vision is
  • You are serious about making an impact in the world and living your best life while doing it

Our LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum will help you:

  • Get clear on your vision
  • Release the anxiety of feeling lost in your journey
  • Meet other game changers like you who are also positioning themselves to be the intentional creators of their life experience

Maybe you: 

  • Gave college a try and it didn’t fit
  • Want to go the trade route, but you are not sure which one is the best fit
  • Are taking a gap year and you don’t want it to turn into a gap life 
  • Resonate with the idea of going to college, but you don’t want to spend your time or money before you know what you want to do
  • Know there is something bigger out there for you than the options that have been presented to you

Regardless of where you are in your learning journey, what we know for sure is if you focus your energy on learning who you are, how to turn your gifts and skills into money, and how to integrate into the world successfully, you will be happier in life.

Together in the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum we will:

  • Get clear how to use your personal gifts and talents to make money
  • Discover your hidden value and how to use it in your life to get what you want
  • Discover your purpose in life and find your current mission so you know what to focus on next
  • Create your process to always know how to make the money part work for the things you care about
  • Support you as you begin to create your life your own way
  • Make learning a fun 
  • Create a Life Map, including a plan to have the money, lifestyle, and life you desire
  • Remove the stress of choosing what to do with your life…. 

See the full details of the LifeLaunch Core™ Curriculum here


Our Team

Meet Dr. Crystal D. Gifford Co Founder

Co- Founder

Meet Summer Deaton


Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, a luminary in the realm of lasting happiness, is known for her empowering guidance. With over two decades of teaching economics and finance, her approach merges practicality with unconventional strategies. Affectionately called “Dr. Money” within her local community, her expertise resonates on a global scale, offering essential tools for immediate transformation. Crystal’s mission is to instill courage to embrace aspirations today, rather than deferring them to an elusive “someday.” She nurtures a resourceful mindset for success and empowers individuals to heed life’s unmistakable call.

Crystal’s wisdom stems from her extensive academic journey and profound spiritual practice. This fusion culminates in a transformative system that encourages authenticity. Her clients transcend the grip of guilt and embrace their inherent purpose, mastering financial ease along the way. Beyond her academic achievements, Crystal’s journey toward self-discovery fuels her passion for guiding others on transformative paths. She possesses a unique gift for making intricate concepts accessible and relatable, effectively bridging the gap between theory and practice. Her enduring mission is to empower individuals to unlock their potential and step into their truest selves.

Meet Summer Joy Deaton, a third-generation entrepreneur whose lifelong dedication to education and empowerment. Summer’s journey has been one of innovation, impact, and unwavering inspiration.

Impacted by her mother’s pioneering in peacemaking, at the age of 20, Summer initiated and implemented a pioneering restorative justice program at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, a legacy that continues to thrive. Her ongoing role as CEO of ReSolutionaries, a business inherited from her mother, and an advisory role for LCJP, another organization founded by her mother, vividly demonstrates her commitment to meaningful impact.

With an affinity for charting unconventional paths, Summer has discovered like-minded peers within the entrepreneurial community who appreciate her alternative ways of thinking. Her knack for strategic thinking and problem-solving has made her a sought-after strategist and facilitator for entrepreneurs who are starting, growing, and scaling their businesses. For the past 12 years, she’s lent her expertise to esteemed business masterminds, fueling her clients’ success.

Today, as the co-founder of LifeLaunch Core™, Summer channels her unwavering dedication into shaping a future where education knows no boundaries.